September 7, 2014

XCNL 2014 Terra Nova Dryland Camp Recap

Twenty-four athletes from across Newfoundland and Labrador attended the second XCNL open camp of the season; staying in Eastport near Terra Nova National Park. Accommodations were ideal, with cabins adjacent to a large field for strength, stretching and games; rollerskiing out the door; and a sandy beach across the road. A good ski striding hill was within running distance. Newer rollerskiers and a para nordic contingent made use of the local school and connecting roads to improve their skills; while the most experienced group made it over the hills to the end of the road in Salvage. The effects of an offshore hurricane resulted in a strong surf at the beach - so the athletes got to practice their bodysurfing. At the end of a canoe trip to Sandy Pond the group partook in some (mostly intentional) capsize rescue drills. Four athlete teams competed throughout the camp in various competitions: feats of strength, field canoe pull, best dish cleaners, etc ... The coaches were particularly impressed with the team who decided to wax the canoe. In the end, the winners received the prized tonchos (towel ponchos). Athletes are now looking forward to the next camp in Gros Morne, Thanksgiving weekend.

XCNL 2014 Grenfell Dryland Camp Recap

Nineteen athletes from across Newfoundland and Labrador attended the first XCNL open camp of the season; staying in residence at Grenfell Campus. Between rollerski, running, and strength training; athletes cooled off in the Corner Brook stream and partook in games of capture the medicine ball and ultimate frisbee. The group was split into three, and given a night to compete for the best supper chefs award. Athletes went through goal setting and mental training; with the camp capping off with an adventure run to the top of Marble Mountain. They left tired but excited for the next camp.

June 1, 2014

XCNL Grenfell Dryland Camp

The first XCNL hosted cross country skiing dryland camp of the year will be on, Jun 28 - Jul 01, at the Grenfell campus, in Corner Brook.
This is going to be a fun camp! We will do some roller skiing and lots if other fun stuff but new skiers are still welcome.

Email Mark Tierney, admin(, for questions.

May 26, 2014

XCNL Coaching Assignments 2014-2015

The XCNL provincial ski team provides the opportunity for non-team coaches to travel with the team to camps and competitions. This can be a great learning experience to improve your coaching skills. And sometimes we just need extra help!

If you would be interested in travelling with the team this season, please fill out the form at < > before June 8th.