December 15, 2014

XCNL Canmore Camp Recap

Eight XCNL provincial team athletes attended an on snow camp in Canmore (with visits to Lake Louise, Banff and Calgary) at the end of December. Each day started with the athletes watching National and top-level athletes train from the comfort of the day lodge while the coaches dealt with each morning's logistics; before heading out to ski alongside them. Conditions for the first 6 days were ideal, with 0C to -5C temperatures, fast snow, and several well designed loops to ski on. During the final 3 days a large snowstorm and cold weather scuttled the weekend Alberta Cup race, but we made do with a short time trial with the Manitoba team. Between ski sessions we fit in some weight training, hot springs, hot tubs, "luge" timetrial on Canmore's public swimming pool's waterslide, and some shopping.

November 19, 2014

Gerry and Bea,

When I came back to the Lodge for lunch, I saw Lee and he said "You should
send a photo to Gerry" so I gave him my camera and he took these.  So here
they are from me and from Lee.  Zoom in and you will see me really smiling.

Shawn just did a track around the stadium, the Jackrabbit and also back from
the Biathlon area on the B, areas that would be dry enough.  It was just
good to be out on skis. I did those trails twice before lunch and then twice
again later on.  I was helping people register inside, as needed otherwise.
Do you know Ted and Rosalind Cross?  They joined the club today. They just
retired and moved here from PEI, living in the family house on West Valley,
after the death of Ted's mom Doris a year ago.  She was a founder of the
original ski club in Corner Brook in the 40's.  Herdman High School was
named after her father.  She was a real delight.

Judy May

October 26, 2014

XCNL 2014 Gros Morne Dryland Camp Recap

Thirty-five athletes attended the third and final XCNL open dryland camp of the season, along with XCNL provincial team coaches, club coaches and parent volunteers. They hailed from Lab West, Forteau, St. Anthony, the Staights, Rocky Harbour, Corner Brook, Stephenville and St. John's.

The main base was the Bonne Bay Marine Center with a secondary accommodation hub nearby at the Blue Moose rental house and Ocean Atlantic Cottages.
A variety of training locations in Gros Morne National Park were used. The Berry Hill campground site provided a variety of rollerski terrain - flat, undulating, and hilly; hiking trails and a playground suitable for strength exercises. Athletes ran along the coast, hiked at Gros Morne, and ski strode on the xc trails adjacent to the visitor's center. Norris Point itself provided a collection of trails, playgrounds and fields. Between sessions athletes relaxed, played outdoor and indoor games, built obstacle courses, and were occasionally forced to clean (but provided with water guns). The athletes had a turkey dinner Sunday evening; followed by a pumpkin carving competition; followed by a pumpkin destruction competition.

Athletes are now looking forward to getting on snow and the winter season.

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