June 1, 2014

XCNL Grenfell Dryland Camp

The first XCNL hosted cross country skiing dryland camp of the year will be on, Jun 28 - Jul 01, at the Grenfell campus, in Corner Brook.
This is going to be a fun camp! We will do some roller skiing and lots if other fun stuff but new skiers are still welcome.

Email Mark Tierney, admin(cornerbrook.net), for questions.

May 26, 2014

XCNL Coaching Assignments 2014-2015

The XCNL provincial ski team provides the opportunity for non-team coaches to travel with the team to camps and competitions. This can be a great learning experience to improve your coaching skills. And sometimes we just need extra help!

If you would be interested in travelling with the team this season, please fill out the form at < https://zone4.ca/reg.asp?id=7060 > before June 8th.

May 25, 2014

XCNL Provincial Ski Team Nominations, 2014-2015

  • Last Year Midget Boys (14):
    • Jake Taylor, Avalon Nordic.
  • Juvenille Boys (15) / Girls (14-15),
    • Angela Cronhelm, Aurora Nordic.
    • Marie Manstan, Menihek Nordic.
    • Jamie Merrigan, Blow-Me-Down Trails.
    • Emma Taylor, Avalon Nordic.
    • Tristan Wiese, Avalon Nordic.
  • Junior Boys / Girls (16-17): 
    • Allison Crowley, Avalon Nordic.  
    • Colin Fowlow, Blow-Me-Down Trails.
    • Makaila Hudson, Menihek Nordic. 
    • Robert Manstan, Menihek Nordic.
    • Patrick McIlroy, Avalon Nordic.  
    • Devon Ryan, Menihek Nordic.
    • Noah Taylor, Avalon Nordic. 
  • Junior Men / Women (18-19)
    • Konrad Kuhne, Menihek Nordic. 
    • Emily McIlroy, Avalon Nordic.
    • Luke Taylor, Avalon Nordic.
  • Senior Men / Women (20+)
    • Seamus Boyd-Porter, Avalon Nordic. 
Coaches: Erik Charron, Will Fitzgerald, John Gamble, Mark Tierney.

April 28, 2014

XCNL Dryland Camps 2014/2015

Mark your calendars. This year's provincial team camps (open to youth skiers 12+).

Grenfell Campus
Corner Brook
Canada Day Weekend
Jun 28 - Jul 01 (Saturday to Tuesday)

Terra Nova Camp
Labour Day Weekend
Aug 29 - Sep 01 (Friday to Monday)

Gros Morne Camp
Norris Point
Thanksgiving Weekend
Oct 10 - Oct 13 (Friday to Monday)

Details to follow.